Bad news – We were refused beer

As in title: beer was refused in local bar on Sunday because it is Holy Day and one should behave properly. Instead of beer party we made some search for local views good for photo to share with you:

Limu Pools
Sharp rocks
SP6CIK antenna
SP9FIH antenna
Togo Chasm
E6CI (SP6CIK) at his station

Very nervous travel

We are now waiting for flight to Niue. All travel was very nervous and frustrating due to Covid restrictions on Niue. Until the very lasy minute before flight we still did not have approval to travel. Finally it appeared in our phones just before check in was closed.

We hope luggage will arrive with us and we could begin operation in scheduled time.


We arrived to Niue on Saturday afternoon (Friday afternoon Niuen time). Licence issuing office is closed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So Monday morning we will pay a visit to the office and I hope licences will be prepared soon.