New chapter

After 4 years of my E6AF activity, we (SP6CIK & SP9FIH) are planning to activate Niue again. Be ready at the end of March 2023….

E6AF QSL card

Cards are in processing. I hope to send them out before my E44WE operation begins (6th July 2019) …

All direct OQRS received before 30th June were sent on 3rd July from Germany.

E6AF QSL card

Going back home

On the way back I had a very pleasent meeting with Roly ZL1BQD in Auckland hotel. He told me so many interesting stories about Pacific islands.

Low power also has a chance

Scott N7JI (8300 km away from Niue) called me FT8 on 30m band with 500mW (half a Watt). As antenna he is using 80m dipole fed by ladder line. We made QSO!

Another example from Europe: Federico IW1QN made QSO on 30m with 100W and 40m dipole matched to 30m.

On my side it was 500W and VDA antenna (driving element and reflector). Scott was -16dB and Federico was -20dB. “Small pilstols” don’t give up.

And few SSB examples:

DL3AG – 100W/GP under the roof
F6BCC – 20W/vertical
HA8KW – 100W/windom, 10m high
SP6DVP – 100W/dipole, 40m high
W2IJ – 45W/flagpole

On the road again

When radio propagation is not good I make bicycle exercises. On the last few photos you can see that sky is not blue anymore. We had few days with heavy rainfalls, curtains of water…..

The Long and Winding Road
Niue can be called “The island of flowers”
Matapa Chasm
Alofi memorial grave of several inhabitants killed during I WW. Every village in Niue has similar memorial grave. Certainly it was not their war. What a shame!
Hikulagi sculpture of our rubbish civilisation
Limu Pools
Coastline near Alofi

30h electricity cut-off

During my stay In Niue there were few breaks of electrical power but they were 8-10 hours long. Last day we experienced 30h of blackout.

No refrigerators (no cold drinks), no electrical kettle (no tea or coffee), no lights, no internet (no emails and uploads). In my house there was even no running water (pump did not work – no shower, no water in toilet) and no amateur radio!

One good thing – I could sleep all those hours without sleep last few weeks…