Low power also has a chance

Scott N7JI (8300 km away from Niue) called me FT8 on 30m band with 500mW (half a Watt). As antenna he is using 80m dipole fed by ladder line. We made QSO!

Another example from Europe: Federico IW1QN made QSO on 30m with 100W and 40m dipole matched to 30m.

On my side it was 500W and VDA antenna (driving element and reflector). Scott was -16dB and Federico was -20dB. “Small pilstols” don’t give up.

And few SSB examples:

DL3AG – 100W/GP under the roof
F6BCC – 20W/vertical
HA8KW – 100W/windom, 10m high
SP6DVP – 100W/dipole, 40m high
W2IJ – 45W/flagpole